Unique Systems:

There are very few mechanical design firms
that have been involved in the number and
complexity of systems as HVAC Engineering,
Inc. Fewer still are certified
Small Business
and Woman-Owned.

When the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit came to
the San Diego Natural History Museum, they
needed a heating and cooling system to
maintain very tight temperature and
humidity tolerances while being in a room
with hundreds of people walking around,
doors opening and closing, etc. . . HVAC
Engineering, Inc. designed that system.

HVAC Engineering, Inc.
Unique & Specialty Systems

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Specialty Systems & Environments:

Whether the systems are very complex or more
standard, HVAC Engineering, Inc. employs the same
processes to ensure the system designed is the best
and most cost effective system for the project and will
function as designed. We use a combination of
calculations and our understanding of "real world"
applications and people to design the systems.

Class 10,000 Clean Room Environment
- High Pressure Gaseous Helium
- High Pressure Gaseous Nitrogen
- Oil Free Compressed Air
- Liquid Nitrogen
- Complete Chilled Water Systems
- 350 Degrees F, 300psi High Temperature Hot Water
- Central Vacuum
- Argon Gas Systems
- Propane Gas Systems
- Medium Pressure Natural Gas Systems
- Oxidizer and Fuel Scrubber Pads
- Breathable Air Systems
- Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen
- Laboratory Gases
- Sewage Ejector Pit
- Infrastructure Utilities
- DDC Systems
- Controls with very detailed Sequence of Operations