Going Green:

For mechanical systems, "Going Green" means to provide the most effective systems to meet the
customers needs and wants. Doing this while providing energy savings, reducing operations costs and
maintenance over the life of the building and minimizing the impact on the environment. HVAC
Engineering, Inc. has been doing this since 1994, long before it was a buzz word in the industry. This is
just one of the reasons why we were the firm chosen to design the mechanical systems for the Miramar
Golf Clubhouse, the first Marine facility to obtain the
LEED GOLD Certification.

NAVFAC has mandated that new Design Build projects be LEED Silver rated. With 5 certified LEED accredited professionals
on staff, HVAC Engineering, Inc. is well ahead of the curve. It is vital that your project team knows how to implement the LEED

credits that are the most cost effective for your project. We are well versed in the process and, in many cases, have developed
specific design strategies to maximize the construction dollars devoted to meeting LEED
requirements. Why worry if your
project will meet its LEED
target? Be confident knowing that it will display a LEED plaque on the front door!

Project Incentives:

Did you know that a project that achieves a Leed Silver rating will automatically qualify for some sort of
incentives from the utility companies? HVAC Engineering, Inc. has knowledge of these incentive programs
(and not just the ones everyone knows about)and will work with the utility companies to determine which are
the best fit for your project. Two of our most recent military projects have qualified for incentives through SDG&E
in excess of $170,000. Including HVAC Engineering, Inc. as part of your design team can pay for itself!

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Sustainable Energy/Green Building

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