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Education Projects
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Del Norte High School, Poway Unified School District

Reconstruction of high school including design of on and offsite utility improvements. Provide feasibility studies
of alternative fuel/power source and systems such as centralized thermal storage systems. Provide HVAC and
plumbing design for interior and exterior piping for gas, sanitary sewer and domestic water, including exterior
hose bibs, exterior and site drinking fountains, and gas and water shutoff valves. HVAC systems include
specialized exhaust and cooling systems at lab, elevator machine rooms and other special function rooms. Lab
fume/safety hood plumbing and HVAC/exhaust systems include specialty piping systems in labs, art classrooms,
shop areas, including dust collection systems and related special function rooms including all site holding tanks,
separators, and parallel piping systems. Provide vibration control for all equipment. Fire protection is provided.
Title 24 energy calculations.
CHPS Energy Calculations - Savings By Design.

Monterey Ridge Elementary School, Poway Unified School District

The project included a new elementary school with an administrative building and 5 identical classroom buildings.
The HVAC systems were packaged roof top air conditioners. The plumbing systems included sewer, storm and
water to 5 ft. outside of the building, gas to meter and water heater in each building.
Certified as a
high-performance school by CHPS. Savings By Design.