P-254 12 Story BEQ, Naval Station, San Diego, CA

Complete HVAC and Plumbing design of the design/build for the 12 story BEQ high rise Bachelor Enlisted Quarters to provide 258 or
as many "1+1" enhanced modules as will fit in 18,060 square meters. This project involved the design and construction of a new
$37,000,000, 209,747 square foot, 12-story military housing facility for 1032 bachelor enlisted personnel. This high rise residential
structure is similar to the existing nearby BEQ's, but improvements have been made to improve the quality of life, the seismic
upgrades and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection design. The mechanical system includes a pumping package using variable frequency
drives to control pump operation for energy efficiency and two multi-staged chiller units providing chilled water at the lowest total
operating cost. BAS (Building Automation System). Additionally, the chillers and pumping package work together and are controlled
for energy efficient operation. In addition, the piping system was designed for reverse return to ensure the conditioned water is at
the unit when needed for heating or cooling. As part of the fire protection system, double wall drywall surrounds each living
module to keep fire drafts from progressing to the next module, thus encasing each in a type of fire protective envelope.

- Design/Commissioning mechanical systems for BEQ.
- Commissioning done to SMACNA Level 3.

North County Regional Educational Facility, San Marcos, CA

State-of-the-art, 71,000 s.f. education hub for North County and houses the San Marcos Unified School District offices, regional
intervention programs, tutoring, juvenile court school, and various programs for the San Diego County Office of Education. BAS
(Building Automation System).

- Design/Commissioning mechanical system for 2-story education and administrative.
- Commissioning done to SMACNA Level 2.

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