What BIM means to HVAC
Engineering, Inc.:

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a digital
representation of the building and building process
to facilitate coordination, communication and
information exchange in a digital format. What that
means is HVAC Engineering, Inc. utilizes BIM to
create much more than just a 3D model.

BIM is not the solution for all design and
construction issues, but it is a powerful tool that
can greatly enhance the design, construction and
maintenance processes by providing a visual
database of the building. Our experience with BIM
allows us to provide services at each phase of the
building lifecycle.

Design Phase: Produce construction documentation,
organize different disciplines for coordination and
collision detection ,and provide models in formats
such as IFC, DWF and PDF.

HVAC Engineering, Inc.
BIM (Building Information Modeling)

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BIM Continued. . .

Construction: Shop drawings, 4D & 5D models
working in conjunction with the Construction
Project Manager, and coverting 2D models to

Facility Management: Provide electronic only
packages with Operations and Maintenance
(O&M) Manuals in multiple formats as directed
by the owner.

HVAC Engineering, Inc. was awarded the
General Services Administration (GSA) BIM
pilot program for the San Luis Land Port of
Entry because of our experience with BIM and
our vision of the future of BIM.

*We use Autodesk Revit as our BIM Software.